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Wood Floor Refinishing NYC

To preserve the look of your timber floors, you need consistent, professional hardwood floor refinishing in a NYC home. Refinishing restores the look of timber and also protects it from future damage. If you have timber floors in your home, note a few questions that many homeowners have about their maintenance and why Kansas City Flooring Pros is the best hardwood floor company in NYC!

Is Hardwood Floor Refinishing in NYC a DIY Job?

Refinishing your hardwood flooring in NYC is not a DIY job! Belt or rotating sanders are very heavy and cumbersome and can easily get away from your grip, creating deep gouges in your home’s flooring. Improper sanding techniques also leave unsightly swirl marks and other such damage. It also takes some experience to know the right type of sandpaper and amount of pressure to use when operating a floor sander, to remove needed layers of sealant and dirt without removing too much wood along with it!  Please reach out to us if you are in NYC or one of the many surrounding areas that we service.

At Wood Floor NYC, our technicians are all highly-trained and bring years of experience in hardwood floor refinishing to a NYC home. Their expertise ensures that hardwood floors are properly sanded and then coated as needed so that you’re left with a beautiful, polished wood floor that looks brand new!

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What Is Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing NYC?

As with sanding any type of wood, standard hardwood refinishing often creates a tremendous amount of bothersome, damaging dust. At Wood Floor NYC, we offer a proprietary dustless hardwood floor refinishing for Wood Floor NYC homes that removes dust during the sanding process. Your home is left spotlessly clean, and there is little to no dust trapped in the crevices of the timber flooring.  Please give us a call if you area in the NYC Area or one of the surrounding towns that we are more than happy to visit!

For your entire professional hardwood floor refinishing in a New York home, call the experts at Wood Floor NYC. Our courteous and skilled technicians will thoroughly inspect your home’s timber flooring and ensure they are properly buffed and sanded, and then sealed as needed. Your custom hardwood floors will then look like new, without your home being covered in bothersome dust and debris in the process!

Hardwood Refinishing, Replacement, or Buy Direct!

Many people are just not sure if there hardwood floors need replacement, or just a simple refinishing. At Wood Floor NYC, our design specialists are highly knowledgeable and will offer expert and hones about your floors. We never try to sell something that you don’t need, we’re just happy to help. Even if you want to do the hardwood floor refinishing or replacement yourself, we’ll explain how it’s done. If you’re looking into hardwood floor replacement in New York City, we offer direct sales of all types of wood. We know they are quality products because of the local distributors and lumber yards we work with guarantee it. Get in touch to learn more about our hardwood flooring sales in New York City.

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