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Professional Wood Floor Buffing Nyc​

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Wood Floor Buffing Nyc

We provide a reliable hardwood floor installation service in New York. With experienced team members, high-quality material and the appropriate equipment; our service is second to none! We offer the following as part of our hardwood floor installation.

Flooring Inlays and Medallions

We provide our clients in New York with economically priced flooring. You can always rely on us for assembling and installing custom hardwood flooring inlays. We also paint intricate designs on the floor by making use of hardwood stain.

Floor Frame and Border Design

Hardwood floor borders are not only affordable but can also be added to new or existing hardwood floor. With our service, you can select the inlay layout direction, species of wood and color from a wide variety. Our team of experts will assemble and install the design you finalize. You also have the option of selecting the model from our portfolio, or we can create a custom masterpiece as per your needs and specifications.

Wood Floor Buffing Nyc

Diagonal and Multi-Directional Flooring

Once our team begins the hardwood floor installation, they can assemble the floorboards in whichever order you wish. With a diagonal floor, your room is visually extended and enlarges the room’s parameters. Our team is adept at diagonal and multi-directional flooring.

Wood and Tile Combination Flooring

With this service of ours, you get to bring together the warmth and wealth of hardwood floor with elegance and sleekness of tile, natural stone or marble. Such flooring is ideal for high traffic hallways. Our team is capable of installing a tile and wood combination as per your drawings, images or even a general description.

Raised Platform Podium Flooring

We also offer to our clients in New York a platform flooring that serves as the master bed’s podium. We are also proficient when it comes to installing a raised dance floor or a stage that features a remarkable finish with glamorous hardwood. That’s not all; we are also capable of elevating your power tub! You can learn more about this particular service when you get in touch with us.

Dark Stain Flooring

Are you looking for a dark floor for that luxurious and warm feel? We can help you change the color of your flooring with ease and at an affordable price.

Hardwood Floor Installation Estimates

Most of the times we can provide our clients with hardwood floor installation estimates online, via email. We will, however, need as much detail as is possible to make sure that the cost-assessment being provided is as accurate as is possible. If you want a more detailed and accurate assessment, you can always schedule a meeting with our team member who will provide you with an accurate and complete estimate of hardwood floor installation.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Our hardwood floor refinishing service is diverse and vast. We can professionally and efficiently handle water, pet stain, aged, scratch, fire, cracked and squeaking hardwood floor repairs. You can also rely on us for inlay and medallion repair.

We also provide our clients with hardwood floor buffing and polishing services. Instead of spending hefty amounts on replacing your hardwood floor, rely on our services and restore your hardwood floor to its former glory at an affordable price. We are callable of matching stains to existing wood floor and also provide outstanding water damage restoration and resurfacing.

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